About Us

Beckleberrys Directors

We have a passion for handcrafting the finest desserts possible

We are a North East family business, who manufacture fresh cream gourmet ice creams and high quality handmade patisserie. We are very proud to have accumulated over 70 Great Taste Awards (known as the food industry’s Oscars) since first entering in 2002. We only use fresh local milk, cream and our own handmade pralines alongside the finest ingredients available. We steer clear of artificial flavourings and colourings and include less sugar than is found in most ice creams making our products more suited to adult palates and allowing their natural flavourings to come through cleanly.

Our size and expertise allows us to be flexible with the products we can provide. We have made a number of bespoke ice cream flavours such as balsamic vinegar, blackcurrant & liquorice and parsnip. The only limit is imagination!

We follow the same principles when it comes to our patisserie too. We only produce in small batches, using traditional recipes and methods. For example, our cheesecakes are made with mascarpone and we make our own sweet pastry using unsalted butter.

Our commitment to making only the very best has resulted in our aforementioned Great Taste Award success, which is more than any other Northern food producer. Amongst these awards are Best Speciality Food from the North East (on a record four occasions), Best English Speciality Food and the ultimate crown for any small manufacturer: The Great Taste Awards Supreme Champion which was won by our blackcurrant & kirsch sorbet.

Our History

From small beginnings to supplier of top restaurants

The company was started in 1996 by father and son Ian & Peter Craig, initially making fresh cream ice cream. In 1999 we started to make patisserie and desserts to supply the banqueting market. In 2004, due to increased demand we bought a 10,000 square foot food factory and adapted it to suit our needs.

Our products are a hidden secret – because of their handmade taste and appearance, many top chefs will gladly pass them off as their own! We are reluctant to spill the beans on our customers but suffice to say, if you’ve eaten a dessert at a top restaurant in the North East you’ve more than likely eaten one of our products – and if you didn’t enjoy it then it was probably one they made themselves!

Our reach is always extending and we are now able to cover the whole of the UK. One of the reasons we’ve been able to do this is that when chefs change jobs; they remain committed Beckleberry’s customers and take us with them. So from Scotland to Kent and from Hull across to Cumbria, thanks to our various distributors, our desserts and ice cream are readily available.

Our Ethos

  • We have always been proud of the products we produce.
  • We will always maintain the standards and the quality levels we have strived to create so far.
  • We use the finest ingredients available and hand craft our desserts from first principals.
  • Keeping skilled trade alive – very little – if any – automation in our factory.
  • Sourced locally where possible – all of our fresh milk and cream comes from the farms of Northumberland & Durham.

We’d never cheapen our products to get them in the supermarkets – Ian & Peter would never get an invite to a family BBQ again!