Ice Cream Day Dreams


It’s a Saturday in February 2013 and it’s snowing in Newcastle.  Not just a sprinkling but a full polystyrene wall in a blender type blizzard!  I’ve always been one for embrassing the extreme temperatures and so there’s really nothing else for it but lots of ski-slope-like layers, my camera and a long walk with my dog Chewie (a Border Terrier) in Jesmond Dene.

After our snowy adventures together, I went to a friend’s house to snuggle in-front of her fire and drink tea.  Whilst warming up, we had a lovely chat about the fun of the snow and our unpredictable English weather.  She told me “I was bored the other day so I typed “sunny places” into google and just stared at all the pictures”  We both started laughing…

I decided to ‘google’ my own “sunny places” in my head on the walk home and think about some of my own favourites.  Fijian beach walks, Australian adventures, European city breaks – all containing different ice cream flavours and experiences…

My sister and I spent summer holidays on the beach in Marbella, Spain every year as children.  I’ve got crystal clear memories of us going into the beach bar as seven and five year olds to ask for; un helado, por favor? (Can I have an ice cream please?).  Once we’d chosen ours from the delightful array of colourfully wrapped shapes and sizes we handed over our Spanish coins.  Standing at the chest freezer standing on our tip toes, we would watch as my mum ordered hers – always  Pistachio Ice Cream in a tub… I always thought it was so grown-up and sophisticated.

We weren’t allowed to eat nuts as children (in-case we choked of course) but soon as we were ‘old enough’ we tried my mum’s pistachio ice cream and I was completely hooked.  It was completely different to any of the over sugared character based ice-creams on sticks I’d tried before.  I think it’s quite hard to find in this country and I love coming across it whether home or abroad – especially the Beckleberry’s brand of course.  One taste takes me straight back to being 12 years old, on that beach in Spain, gazing out to sea, feet in sand and all sensations in holiday world.

I made a pistachio ice cream Eat and Mess desert for friends at a dinner party last summer – it’s a real treat of a taste explosion.  I also think and it’s delicious on it’s own teamed with melted dark chocolate.

Beckleberry’s Pistachio Ice Cream Eat and Mess

  • Big tub of Beckleberry’s Pistachio Ice Cream
  • Crushed meringues
  • Fresh English strawberries and raspberries
  • Whipped cream
  • A grating of delicious dark chocolate.

Crush up the meringues and sprinkle some into the bottom of a lovely ice-cream glass, add some of the strawberries then the ice-cream then layer up and finish with whipped cream and a grating of chocolate.  What’s your holiday ice-cream flavour?  Daydream of warmer climes and see!

By Claire Newton


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