Take Home Desserts

Beckleberry's Take Home Desserts

Our fine dining desserts are available in take home sized packs, all you have to do is simply thaw them and serve.
Their hand crafted charm makes them perfect for any dinner party or a well earned treat after one of those days.

All our products are uniquely branded, easily recognisable and individually handmade for you.


All set in our hand crafted sweet pastry cases & made using unsalted butter

6 inches diameter approx 4-5 portions.

  • Raspberry & Almond tart
Plump raspberries set in our hand crafted frangipan then finished with a light apricot glaze. 
  • Geordie Lemon tart
A layer of lemon curd topped with frangipan and garnished with flaked almonds.
Gold Great Taste Award winner. 
  • Treacle & Orange tart
Treacle blended with oranges, breadcrumbs and nibbed hazelnuts. 
Gold Great Taste Award winner.
  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate tart
Lightly sea salted caramel topped with a layer of intense Belgian chocolate.
Gold Great Taste Award winner.
  • Pear & Almond tart
Classic combination of frangipan and pear halves.
Best Speciality food from Northumbria 2002.
  • Tart au citron
Tangy lemon tart garnished with a light dusting of neige decor and candied lemon peel.

Cheescakes & Truffles

  • Gluten Free Marbled chocolate truffle
Hand crafted Belgian white and milk chocolate truffles swirled together then set on a gluten free sponge. This product has won a Gold Great Taste award and we have developed our gluten free sponge to meet the same high standards of our normal patisserie.


  • Cheesecake exotique
Alphonso mango passion fruit blended together to create a fruity cheesecake with a subtle tang. Garnished with a swirl of Alphonso mango coulis and set on a wholemeal biscuit base.


  • Gianduja truffle
Belgian milk couverture folded into fresh local cream and hazelnut praline, set on a crunchy whole meal biscuit and caramelised hazelnut base and garnished with chocolate glacage and caramelised hazelnuts.

Twin Pack Desserts

One pack consists of 2 desserts approx weight 100g each Our twin pack desserts are stored frozen, thawed and then served. Simply remove the outer packaging and place them in the fridge for 2-3 hours and enjoy. Aside from a dinner party delight they offer the a busy working couple the perfect after dinner treat, or as they are individual they can be defrosted one at a time for that prescription free stress relief we all need now and then. Frozen and with good shelf lives our range of cheesecakes, truffles and mousses offer a flexible dessert solution for discerning retailers along with a VAT free 30 percent margin.


  • Red berry Mousse
Hand crafted light Italian meringue based mousse flavoured with natural raspberry purée filled with a tangy red berry compote then set on a vanilla dacquoise base.


  • Single origin chocolate cheesecake
Hand crafted blend of fresh cream, cream cheese and single origin Grenade single origin chocolate which has raspberry & hibiscus undertones set on a chocolate biscuit base and topped with a shard of Belgian chocolate.


  • Milk chocolate & sea salted caramel truffle
Hand crafted Belgian single origin milk chocolate truffle filled with lightly sea salted set on a biscuit base then garnished with half a mini chocolate macaroon.


  • Lemon curd cheesecake
Hand crafted blend of home made lemon curd, fresh cream and cream cheese with a tangy lemon curd centre set on a wholemeal biscuit and lemon zest base. Garnished with a mini meringue and candied lemon zest.

Twin Pack Tarts

One pack consists of 2 desserts – approx weight 90g each

  •  Pear & Almond tart
Classic combination of frangipan and pear halves, Best Speciality food from Northumbria 2002.


  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart
Lightly sea salted caramel topped with a layer of intense Belgian chocolate. Gold Great Taste Award winner.


  • Lemon Meringue tart
Hand crafted tangy lemon curd with a lightly bruleed meringue topping


  • Gluten Free Bakewell tart
Gold Great Taste Award winner 2010. Our fantastic gluten and wheat free version of a classic bakewell tart.